Slackcountry survey (win free schwag)

I filled this out awhile back but came across it again while looking for a different survey to post and figured I’d throw it up there for others as the more data the better.  The Canadian Avalanche Centre and Simon Fraser University are conducting a survey on attitudes and decision making as it relates to go/no go decisions for resort accessed backcountry riding – and your input can help make a difference.  The goal is to use their findings to help develop better risk awareness and assessment tools for other slackcountry skiers and snowboarders.  If the warm fuzzies that you are helping to contribute to more educated backcountry users isn’t enough they are also doing a drawing for schwag.  You may win a Tracker DTS beacon, one of two Black Diamond Bandit Avalung packs, or one of two Transfer 3 shovel and probe sets.

Yes, I want to give my input!  For what it’s worth, I was hesitant at first as it sounds like another internet “we got your email address hahahahaha” type scams but read their privacy policy and it’s legit, part of which is below.

This project has received ethics approval by the Research Ethics Board at Simon Fraser University.

Any personal identifying information you provide will be used only to inform you when the survey is ready and to contact you in the event that you win one of the prizes. Your response will be stored offline in a secure password-controlled cache. Individual records will be identified using a code for data analysis and all records will be destroyed once the data analysis is complete. Your responses will be analyzed in aggregate and will not be identifiable in any publications.

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