Beer Friday

You might be thinking “wait, what does beer have to do with backcountry skiing and snowboarding?” If you’re thinking this you’ve obviously never gone with any of my crew. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, tastes better after a long day/weekend of slogging than an ice cold beer. Gatorade for the soul if you will. Thus, in honor of beer I’ll feature a personal favorite every Friday. I’ll try to keep it to beers that are relatively easy to attain, as opposed to specialty/at the brewery only beers, so you can try ’em in the comfort of your own home or at the end of your own tour.

This week’s lucky beer is the Buzzsaw Brown, coming to us from the Deschutes Brewery in the sunshine state of Oregon. While not the greatest brown I’ve had (that title is currently held by Rogue’s brown ale), nor is it the best available beer by Deschutes, it gets this week’s beer Friday title as:

1) it’s currently sitting beside me
2) it’s available at Safeway
3) it’s not overly syrupy like most other widely available browns and
4) it’s a smooth, easy drinker, and very approachable for non-hopheads

Anyways, it’s Friday, I hope everyone is able to get out this weekend and enjoy the great outdoors!

Buzzsaw brown

Buzzsaw brown

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