I’m not saying ski resorts lie, buuuut….

OK, we all know the term ‘packed powder’ is bullshit a contradiction and a joke to most. It’s simple really, if it’s packed it’s not powder. However, was looking at the weather for a few Tahoe resorts today and saw the below. I’d have to say this report by Heavenly takes the cake. No new snow, last snowfall 5 days ago, however the surface conditions are powder. C’mon up, enjoy the epic pow, and have a $9 beer!

Epic pow brah!

Epic pow brah!

3 comments to I’m not saying ski resorts lie, buuuut….

  • mike

    good point on the whole “packed powder” bullshit! i live in telluride,co and if anything the “locals” consider snow conditions either- powder 8″+,”dust on crust”-4 inches or less and “hard pack”, “boney” or “crusty”!

    peace, hope yall had a good winter!

  • bigdood

    I’m with you and your naming system Mike! That or there’s ‘powder days’ and ‘days you’ll probably stop and eat lunch’

  • inspectorsteve

    packed powder is just another way of describing Cascade concrete. Any thing that is packed is not powder.there’s no other way to put it.

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