Osprey Kode packs…mmmm…..

So I’ve been shopping around (unsuccessfully) for a backcountry pack lately.  My criteria aren’t ridiculous – something in the 40-45L range (big enough for a 2 or 3 day tour, but small enough to use as a daypack once there), something with an external pocket (not just a sleeve/straps as if I go for a ride I’d like to know that my gear will still be with me to help find my partners) for my shovel/probe, and ability to carry my splitboard either split or joined – and quite frankly I’m willing to live with just the ability to carry it in ski mode.  The shopping has been far harder than I expected, there are a lot of near misses like the Osprey Exposure (no external pocket for avy tools), Marmot La Meije (found ’em new locally, but online reviews seem mixed on their durability, also the large is on the small end of my desired spectrum), the Osprey Variant (same issue), The North Face Patrol 35 (just a bit small, the large version isn’t quite 40L) and the Millet Prolight Tour 38+7 (probably the lead horse but can’t find locally to try on, I’m tall and hard to fit).  However, somebody sent me some pictures of a new Osprey pack due to hit the market later this year, the Osprey Kode series.

The Kodes look like they’ll hit MOST of my criteria, with the exception of size, but I’m hopeful the large size of the Kode 38 will actually be in the low 40L range.  A few pics that were sent to me are below.

Osprey Kode 30
Osprey Kode 30
Externally accesssible avy tool pocket!
Externally accesssible avy tool pocket! Yes, this is exciting, and sadly not offered enough.
Stowable helmet carry strap...I think.  Would work for ropes as well.
Stowable helmet carry system. Would work for ropes as well I'd imagine.
Osprey Kode 38 stuffed to the gills
Osprey Kode 38 stuffed to the gills
Helmet/goggle/accessory carry system on Kode 38
Helmet/goggle/accessory carry system on Kode 38


External avy tool pocket – check

Compression straps that look like they’ll carry a board – check

Size – near miss, but hopefully will be in the 40s in a large

Osprey, hello, if you’re reading these please-o-please-o-please send me one of these and we can be BFF.


Found these pics on the Osprey blog, looks like it will DEFINITELY carry a snowboard. This needs to be available NOW!

Osprey Kode carries a board
Osprey Kode carries a board

Also found this video on Youtube.

Osprey was kind enough to send a Kode my way for evaluation. You can check out my first impressions here.

If you can’t find it at your local outdoors shop the Osprey Kode is available at a few online retailers. I threw together this little banner below to hopefully help you quickly find the size Kode you’re looking for and easily see where it’s on sale.

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  1. I am not sure it will meet all of your criteria, but I have been SUPER impressed with the Cilogear packs. You can read the review I just posted last night here.

  2. I’ve checked out those Cilogear packs but they are lacking the external avalanche tool compartment

  3. What about Black Diamond? Did you look into any of those?

  4. Ashley @ Verde PR says: Reply

    Hey Poor Man.

    Osprey Packs here. Send me an email and we’ll chat!

  5. Hey Damien, I’ve looked at the BD packs but they don’t fit me the greatest.

    Ashley, will drop you a line.

  6. aren’t you concerned about carrying your avy tools in an outside pocket though? less chance of losing them if they are nicely packed inside the pack..doesnt look as cool, but..

    1. Well it’s a sleeved outer pocket with zipper I’m looking for, not just a flap with compression straps. So I guess technically it’d be “in” the pack, but would be separate from my spare layer or other stuff I don’t want to get wet while still being accessible.

  7. just stumbled across your site, while searching for pack info

    Im in the market for a pack such as you are. Seems like as a snowboarder it is hard to find a proper pack to carry a board. Dedicated avi tool pocket is a big plus/ high on the list for me.

    The Kode 38 is looking like it is the best one on the market right now. I dont think the Deuter EH guide is big enough.
    Now to find an Osprey dealer in Canada will be the harder part

  8. hey punky, definitely try out the kode and see what you think. my first impressions upon using were mixed, once i get the pack back i’ll give it a few more goes before passing final judgement


  9. alright thanks. I look forward to the review.

    Too bad about this being one of very few options available for people who snowboard

  10. yeah, it is odd that there aren’t more snowboard specific packs out there. for me i look more at the ski specific ones and make sure the ski slots are wide enough as it’s easier for me to carry my board split in A-frame mode – my board just hits the back of my legs too much when carried vertically in snowboard mode.

  11. LOL at the pic where the board is a Malolo!

  12. …says the dick shaped board rider

  13. …bro I was just experimenting…it was college…

    1. not judgin’, just sayin’

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