2010 Ride Machete

Yeah, not exactly living up to the backcountry side of this blog lately.  Sorry about that, this damn job thing getting in the way (though I did call in sick today to ride Squaw).

Anyways, Ride (who I lost some money with back in the day investing in their stock and Morrow…if only I’d put that in Microsoft… y’all owe me a board Ride!) dropped an email today giving the non-SIA/demo days world a preview of the new 2010 Ride Machete, officially jumping on the rockered board bandwagon revolution.  Offiical verbage, construction marketing speak and pics below.

The Machete features Ride’s new LowRize rocker with LowRize Rocker sidecut to lose the hook without sacrificing pop.  Cutting through the competition, this go anywhere freestyle deck combines our new techs with proven Fusion 4000 Base™, 85A Slimewalls® and Cleave Edge™ for a smooth twin built to last.

Style: Mobility
Shape: Twin
Sidecut: NEW! LowRize Rocker
Stance: Centered
Sizes: 152, 155, 157 Wide, 158, 160, 161 Wide, 162, 164 Wide

Construction Features:
Thin Con
85A Slimewalls®
NEW! LowRize Rocker
Carbon Array 3™
Cleave Edge™
NEW! Performance Tuned Core™
Biaxial Glass
Linear Carbon
Fusion 4000 Base™
2×4 Inserts”

2010 Ride Machete with LowRize Rocker

2010 Ride Machete with LowRize Rocker

Another view, photo from Shayboarder.com so check her site out

Another view, photo from Shayboarder.com - make sure you check out her site 'cuz she gives good blog

Who made that board?  Oh, Ride.

Who made that board? Oh, Ride.

Visual assault stimulus courtesy of Morning Breath Inc.  I’m not a huge fan of the allover print/scattershot/looks like someone paintballed your steeze look that’s been going around the past few years, but than again I’m not one who is always in on the latest trends so what do I know.  One thing I do know is that this board will sell like hotcakes on performance alone, bad economy be damned.

UPDATE: Looks like the 2010 Ride gear is hitting stores now. If your local shop dropped the ball and isn’t carrying it you can check out the Machete and the rest of the Ride line at Snowboard Connection, evoGear, backcountry.com and REI. Remember to give your local shop first crack at your biz though, because without them you won’t have a place to check out gear.

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