Upcoming Reviews

Posting this as the reviews section is currently blank and I didn’t like that. The below is a sampling of gear I’ve purchased and used in the past year and slated for review in the coming weeks. As I’m a n00b to the backcountry touring world some of the views and thoughts could be helpful to other n00bs.

Burton Driver X boots
Burton S-Series Split
Westcomb Mirage Jacket
Westcomb Rampage Pants
BCA SR3 Probe
Ortovox d3
Voile Universal Split Interface

2 comments to Upcoming Reviews

  • jack

    just got my burton driver x speed zone laces from ups just like you described and has no directions as you described. I clicked on the how to replace the speed zone laces youtube vid you got posted but it has been taken off youtube!

    Would you know where I can find directions or if that vid is somewhere else out there on the http://www...

    thx for your help…

  • Justin

    try this (i didn’t watch it but it looks like the right vid)


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